VMware NSX-T Support

VMware NSX-T Data Center represents the next evolution in network virtualization, offering a comprehensive solution that provides agility, automation, and security. Our expert services in NSX-T installation and configuration ensure your network infrastructure is resilient, scalable, and aligned with modern networking needs.

NSX-T Installation

System Requirements and Pre-installation Planning

Before initiating the installation process, we:

  • Assess System Requirements: Ensure all components meet NSX-T’s system requirements, including NSX Manager, NSX Edge, and transport nodes.
  • Network Preparation: Review existing network configurations and prepare the physical network to support NSX-T’s overlay and underlay requirements.

Deploying NSX-T Manager

The NSX-T Manager serves as the central management point and the brain of the NSX-T Data Center environment. Our deployment services include:

  • OVA Deployment: Deploy the NSX-T Manager OVA file to a VMware ESXi host or a compute resource cluster in VMware vSphere.
  • Initial Setup: Configure basic settings such as system name, network settings, and password configurations to initialize the NSX-T Manager.

NSX-T Configuration

Transport Zone and Transport Node Configuration

Creating the foundation for NSX-T networking involves:

  • Transport Zones: Define overlay and VLAN transport zones that dictate how transport nodes can communicate.
  • Transport Nodes: Configure ESXi hosts, NSX Edge nodes, and bare-metal servers as transport nodes, enabling them to participate in NSX-T networking.

Edge Cluster and Edge Node Deployment

Edge services gateways (ESGs) provide North-South routing, load balancing, and firewalling capabilities. Our configuration service covers:

  • Edge Node Deployment: Install and configure NSX Edge nodes to facilitate North-South connectivity, VPN services, and NAT.
  • Edge Cluster Creation: Group Edge nodes into clusters for high availability and load balancing, ensuring resilient network services.

Logical Networking and Security

Logical Switching and Routing

Implement logical networks with:

  • Logical Switches: Create logical switches to enable East-West communication between VMs across different hosts without traditional VLAN limitations.
  • Tier-0 and Tier-1 Gateways: Configure Tier-0 and Tier-1 gateways for optimal routing and connectivity between the physical and virtual environments.

Micro-Segmentation and Firewall Rules

Enhance network security with:

  • Micro-Segmentation: Implement fine-grained security policies at the VM level, isolating workloads and minimizing the lateral movement of threats.
  • Distributed and Gateway Firewalls: Configure NSX-T firewalls to apply security policies across the environment, from the VM to the edge.

Automation and Advanced Services

NSX-T Policy API

Automate network configuration and management using:

  • NSX-T Policy API: Utilize the NSX-T Policy API for script-based configurations and automation, enabling rapid deployment and configuration changes across the network.

Advanced Networking Services

Deploy advanced NSX-T networking features such as:

  • Load Balancing: Configure NSX-T load balancers to distribute network traffic evenly across server resources, ensuring application reliability and performance.
  • VPN Services: Set up IPsec and SSL VPNs for secure remote access and site-to-site connectivity, ensuring secure communication channels.
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