We are

Our company was founded in 2014 to provide coustomers reliable services in IT field. As time goes by, we met several amazing people in their fields,   connected together and expanded the field of technology to create this quality brand  widely known as reliable IT services provider. IT Kosice is sub-brand of  BACKDOORS IT company based in Slovakia, Bratislava. Lets plan some short brainstorming session together.


Trusted Administrators & Developers

We are team with more than 50 proffesionals with statistics, mathematics, computer science, system administration + delivery and data analysts background and IT expertise. We enjoy creative work with technologies and our goal is get the most out of these technologies for coustomer. Our motto are VALUE for MONEY and CLIENT SUCCESS.

How We Work

Our Approach and Philosophy

As a step towards get to know us better, we prepared this points to illustrate how we think and what we consider as important.

  1. When delivering any solution, connect user as soon as posible to avoid „but i wanted something (totally) different
  2. According one study 75% projects were unsuccessfull because of „insufficiently defined requirements“. Lets avoid them.
  3. Lot of coustomers did not define projects requirements, they awaiting that project requirements will define by project manager itself. Lets interview the coustomer.
  4. One click buy – we are not trying transfer software complexity to user. As complex software is, we are not allowed transfer this feeling to user.
  5. Business analyst need to define requirements in form of mind map. Levels: holistic goal, main requirements , set of smaller detailed requirements .
  6. We are not trying develop something that exists. Rather than developing our solutions, we save time using existing one and improve them rather than starting from scratch.
  7. Documentation and proces diagrams are important part of project.
  8. Visio, draw.io,mindmaping, process diagrams, internal WIKI, JIRA (or various task management) are amazing things we are using because of that we can move forward faster.
  9. You can learn new sklls, but you can’t learn the approach.
  10. Requirements must remain clear and simple. Even though the requirements are very simple, business analysts and developers did not understand each other because one side does not know what the other is doing.
  11. In project team, there exists one formula : n(n-1)/2. If in project team exists 12 people , here are 66 communications lines. Add 1 team member and there are 78 channels. Myth: more people involved can shorten the duration of project.
  12. Developers are not used to communicate with coustomers, users and marketing department. In some cases yes, but rather than expect this from them, lets help them with it.
  13. Project movement forces are time, money, quality.
  14. If a person is interrupted during their cognitive work, it takes approximately 20 minutes to get back to focus. Implement this approach to your work, because many small numbers are one big number.
  15. Every project is basicly problem definition which is looking for solution.
  16. When creating something ( code, architecture, plan….), think about sustainability. One day there will be need for maintenance.
  17. If you see any data analysis or business intelligence output, ask them about data quality or data sources and how they cover this area and see thier reaction.
  18. Lets do this: „ Oh! Team! Production database is corupted!“ „Ok, wait just connecting to backup server, finishing my coffe and it will be fixed.“ Instead of this: „ Team, does anyone have backup for yesterday? If not, we are screwed!“ or this „Hey team, I guess storing backup file on same server with production data is not good idea :-D“

About Founder

Jakub Renčko

MCSA, MCSE, vMware specialist, Azure Admin, Security, Power BI and SQL

Founder & Operations

“Workers working with IT technologies are asked to develop or procure technological tools, programs or platforms to increase work efficiency and respond to countless urgent “troubleshooting” requests. IT is under constant pressure, and in order to understand the needs of its customers, it must quickly navigate the game, anticipate future demands, cope with the competition and deliver solutions that will suit everyone. Our effort is always to find multiple options, to meet (often conflicting) interests, to explain why some IT solutions are more suitable than others, and to consult with external partners or collaborators about possible changes to solutions on joint projects. Those are our goals.”